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Silver sponsor of Jewish International Film Festival – JIFF

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Proud sponsor of JIFF

Peak Equities is proud to be a sponsor of the Jewish International Film Festival (JIFF). As a well-respected platform dedicated to promote local and international talent who are participating in Jewish-themed film from Israel, we are keen to support and promote their efforts at the international stage. Representing the Jewish diaspora across the globe, the JIFF through sponsorship is able to coordinate its activities and display the films in Australia for the benefit of our local community.

As an organisation that supports communities and invests wholesale funds in commercial real estate projects, Peak Equities shares the vision of helping the community come together and support each other. Our goal is to invest the funds of local individuals and organisations into local projects so that your investment has a positive impact in society. Our commercial property portfolios provide peace of mind to our investors as they are managed by dedicated and experienced professionals who know how to maximise growth and the return on investment.

What is JIFF?

JIFF is an annual film festival that promotes films about the Jewish community. For over 30 years, Jewish-themed films and films from Israel are broadcast to the Australian community to showcase Jewish art, culture and history. This year, JIFF will screen across select Australian cinemas from 17 February 2021 to 17 March 2021. Tickets are currently available online for purchase. Participating in JIFF is an excellent way to support the Jewish community, learn more about their history and culture and appreciate their development and contributions to society across the globe.

Silver Sponsors in Event

Peak Equities is a Silver Sponsor of JIFF. As an organisation that is built on supporting the local community by investing in onshore commercial real estate, we share a passion for helping increase awareness, fostering inclusion and demonstrating global culture appreciation in multicultural Australia. We are glad to have helped investors in Australia achieve their goals and realise their potential by investing in assets that are used by businesses. These businesses are operated by multicultural individuals to support the local community. Similarly, our sponsorship in JIFF is another example of helping the Australian community connect better with the Jewish community.

Child Care Investment Properties

One of our projects at Peak Equities is to invest in child care commercial properties. We see this space as a growth opportunity given the overall increase in population. Although COVID-19 has affected the birth rate in Australia, we do not see this as a long-term impact. Child care properties reflect prime commercial real estate with a solid yield that investors can rely on and access through our property syndicates. We continue to expand our holdings in these properties as we understand the future growth potential.

At Peak Equities, we help build wealth for our clients. Our team of commercial real estate portfolio specialists manage over $280 million of assets and provide on average 8.8% return monthly. Our 12 commercial property syndicate pools enable wholesale investors to make their first investment or re-invest their funds in a secure and reliable investment portfolio. Backed by commercially minded portfolio managers, we successfully help our clients expand their financial horizon. To learn more about our services, please speak to a dedicated specialist on (03) 9863 8380.

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