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Peak Equities – 2017 Year In Review

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As we approach the end of a particularly successful year for our company and investors. Our most significant and noteworthy achievements include:

• The sale of the industrial property at Northgate Drive, Thomastown which generated income and capital gains to investors of 57% over a period of less than 3 years (IRR of 21%);

• The sale of an office building at Varsity Parade, Gold Coast, returning 59% to investors over 14 months (IRR of 27%);

• The purchase of 4 new assets -Noarlunga Commercial Centre; Precinct Retail Complex; Laver Drive Office building; and Camberwell Junction office building, with a total value of more than $75 million;

• Passive (minority) investment in a residential apartment development in Balaclava Road, Caulfield in suburban Melbourne;

• An increase of almost 100% in the number of active investors, who collectively subscribed more than $40 million in capital to the above investments

• The value of assets under management now exceeds $100 million; and

• The welcome addition of Ms Vanessa Burns as Asset Manager, responsible for our Queensland properties.

Importantly, we have achieved this with a small, yet highly capable and dedicated team, to whom I express my sincere appreciation for their excellent work, often in challenging circumstances.

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