Hear from our investors to learn more about the benefits and security from investing with Peak Equities.

  • “I have no hesitation in recommending Peak Equities to any prospective tenant. In all my dealings with the team, I have found them to be professional, efficient, tenant-focused and responsive.“
    Nick Filipovic - Peak Investor
    Rating 5
  • “In all of our dealings, I have been impressed by their evident concern for the interests of their investors, and by their considered approach to decision-making.“
    Rory Hilton - Peak Investor
    Rating 5
  • “The entire team, from Managing Director down, is always available and responsive to me. Income returns have been very pleasing and I am confident that my interests are being well looked after.“
    John Bebawy - Peak Investor
    Rating 5
  • “I was impressed with the level of customer service ( even on weekends ) and the quality of the investment“
    Darron Mink - Peak Investor
    Rating 5
  • “Having dealt with a number of property syndicators over the years, I can state that the integrity, property selection ability, and attention to detail shown by Tom Borsky and the Team at Peak Equities is second to none. I have no hesitation in recommending them to future clients.“
    John Stanley B Pharm FAICD - Peak Investor
    Rating 5
  • “As a new investor who was recommended by family members, I have been impressed by the timely responsiveness of Tom and David Borsky. Emails or calls have been responded to in the shortest possible time and questions that I had as a ‘newbie’ were dealt with efficiently and politely. Even though I ma one of the smaller investors, Peak have not made me feel like a second class citizen. On the contrary, I have felt valued and respected.“
    Leigh Blashki - Peak Investor
    Rating 5
  • “Peak Equities is an organisation of high integrity. I trust Tom Borsky and his team. I have dealt in business with Tom for over 40 years. Integrity is in short supply in most organisations these days, but this is not the case with Peak Equities. I recommend the team highly. I am happy to discuss any aspects of this testimonial to satisfy you, the reader, about the bases for my forming such a positive view.“
    Charles Kovess, CEO, Kovess International - Peak Investor
    Rating 5
  • “I now have interest in four of Peak’s properties and look forward to my fifth investment in the near future. I have always had professional and efficient dealing with the team. Their professionalism enables me to invest in commercial property in a way I could never arrange by myself. The properties chosen by them, so far, have all produced steady income plus potential for capital gains. I am very happy to recommend them to other investors.“
    Graham Blashki - Peak Investor
    Rating 5
  • “Over the past three and a half years I have invested in eleven of Peak Equities offerings. Needless to say I would not have continued to do so if I did not have the utmost confidence in their judgement in choosing their investments – and I have found them nice people to do business with.“
    Lou Cordony - Peak Investor
    Rating 5
  • “As a small investor I Have found Peak Equities excellent to deal with. They have established trust in their products and in their management. Peak Equities enables small investors like me to gain entry to properties which would otherwise be unattainable and this is something which I greatly appreciate and value.“
    Mark Fagenblat - Peak Investor
    Rating 5
  • “Our family has been involved with Tom for more than 20 years through business and investment. We are very happy with the results Tom and his team has and continues to produce through the many property investment projects we are involved with.“
    Ken & Lisa Stuart - Peak Investor
    Rating 5
  • “In the past we used a bigger agency to manage our retirement investments and were dissatisfied with the returns and poor level of service. After being referred to Peak Equities by a friend, we are thrilled with the higher monthly returns and real peace of mind. Investing in property syndicates with Peak Equities has been a life changing decision. We are grateful to all the staff for their help.“
    Ruth and Michael C. - Peak Investor
    Rating 5
  • “Our priority was to find a knowledgeable investment team who could guide us and provide secure income investment options. From our first discussion with the company director, Tom, we knew our money would be wisely invested. Always transparent communication and excellent service. Many thanks“
    Esther P. - Peak Investor
    Rating 5
  • “Peak Equities went above and beyond to acquire the best commercial investment to suit our requirements. Their team are experts and have taught us a lot about the Australian real estate market. It has been a pleasure dealing with Peak and we look forward to a strong long-term partnership with them.“
    Gianni T. - Peak Investor
    Rating 5
  • “Excellent service, professional advice and willing to go the extra mile. We would recommend them to anyone looking to invest in commercial real estate. Thanks.“
    John B. - Peak Investor
    Rating 5

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