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Highlights of Participation in A Commercial Property Syndicates

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1. Opportunity 

Investors can enjoy the benefits of participating in the ownership of strategically located. A-grade commercial assets, securely leased to national tenants and generally beyond the reach of individual investors. Peak Equities Pty Ltd reviews dozens of opportunities each month, from which assets are identified that satisfy each of our investment criteria;

  • Soundly built and well-maintained assets;
  • Strong and secure, tax-effective income streams, usually in excess of 9.5% per annum;
  • Genuine opportunities for capital growth.

2. Peace of Mind 

Each property investment selected by Peak is subject to rigorous due diligence investigations before purchase, with independent experts ensuring that there are no legal, town planning, structural or technical impediments adversely affecting the property. Contracts will not be signed before clearance on all of these matters. We also prepare comprehensive financial forecasts, as well as researching the tenant’s reputation and financial capacity (to the extent possible).

Your investment funds are placed directly into a solicitor’s trust account from which property settlement is transacted. The Trust’s financial affairs are independently audited, and the Trustee (Peak) is subject to the most rigorous supervision by ASIC. The investment property is independently valued each year.

You are free to focus on lifestyle and family, to travel or simply relax in the knowledge that your affairs are in expert hands at all times.

3. Expert Property Selection and Management 

Our executive team, together with our consultants and agents, have many years of experience and expertise in sourcing and managing your investment assets. Our skills in establishing and maintaining excellent relationships with our tenants and contractors ensures that the best possible outcomes are achieved in managing the property, retaining tenants and optimising income for our investors, in the most tax-effective manner possible.

Our skills in managing lease negotiations and any major capital works can achieve substantial financial benefits for investors.

Beyond ensuring optimal income returns, we apply our skills and expertise to capital enhancement of the property, ensuring that at all times our investors can look forward to sound capital growth on their investment.

4. Diversification and Liquidity

Rather than investing a substantial sum in the ownership of a single commercial asset, investors can allocate that equity across a number of premium assets. This not only leads to optimal returns, it also protects against the consequences of protracted vacancy or major capital expenditure in a single investment property.

Investments in Peak Syndicates come with a guarantee of liquidity after a maximum of 5 years.

5. Regular Tax-Effective Income Distributions

Enjoy the benefits of quarterly income distributions at fixed rates throughout the term of your investment. Peak engages expert quantity surveyors to review every aspect of the property and to provide a depreciation report that yields the most tax-effective outcome for investors.

Unlike companies, unit trusts are not directly subject to income tax on their profits – rather the profits “flow through” to unitholders, who are individually taxed on their proportionate share of the taxable income.

6. Communications and Information

Our investors are free to contact any member of our management team at all times, should they have any matters of concern or questions they would like to resolve.

Peak Equities provides concise, informative updates to investors each quarter, with more frequent communications if there are any matters of significance to report. We are open, communicative and transparent in all of our dealings with our valued investors.

Audited Financial Statements are issued within 3 months of financial year-end, and we provide your accountants and tax agents with all information and explanations they may require.

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