Why choose Sydney for Commercial Property Investment?

Sydney is a very popular choice for setting up business operations in Australia. Most local and internal companies have their corporate offices in Sydney. Sydney is the business capital of Australia, and commercial properties are highly valued. In addition, Sydney experiences strong population growth, and the retail and small-business scene is thriving. This offers investors with different capabilities to acquire an interest in Sydney commercial property.

Benefits of Investing in Commercial Property in Sydney

Here are the benefits of investing in commercial property in Sydney:

  1. strong capital growth;
  2. injection of foreign funds due to recent events in Asia;
  3. higher rents in prime locations around the bay;
  4. various coastal sites offer picturesque office locations;
  5. businesses prefer the proximity to Canberra and various Australian Government departments; and
  6. strong population growth creates demand for goods and services.

Key Points to Commercial Property Investment in Sydney

commercial property investment australia

  • Before investing in Sydney’s commercial property, review the performance and experience of the trustee and the portfolio of properties.
  • Do not rely on old advice as the market and economy changes frequently.
  • Do not invest in commercial property unless you are comfortable and completely understand what you are doing. Property markets change periodically.
  • Make sure you engage a financial, legal and tax advisor because you make an investment so that you obtain the best results possible.
  • Make sure you perform extensive due diligence of the investment you propose to make so that you do not make any bad decisions.
  • Remember to not critically compare commercial properties as each property is different. The type of property, location and tenancy history all influence the value and yield of the property.
  • Before agreeing to a tenancy make sure you understand their business and perform checks on the financial performance of the business.

Sydney Commercial Property Investment Market Updates – Quick Overview

The Sydney commercial property market is stable. With easier access to finance, the fresh injection of foreign capital, the development of new office space and the creation of new public infrastructure, Sydney is a popular choice for investors. Commercial property will continue to grow strongly in 2020, primarily due to the Asian market and favourable Australian dollar.

Commercial Property Investment & Real Estate Syndication in Sydney with Peak Equities

Commercial properties in Sydney are highly valued. To enter Australia’s commercial property investment market, property syndicates enable investors with low capital to acquire units in trusts. These real estate trusts must be managed well to deliver stable and growing returns. Ensure that your trustee has the relevant experience, chooses a diverse portfolio and actively manages the properties held.

September 19, 2019

What is a Property Syndicate?

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