Why choose Canberra for Commercial Property Investment?

Canberra is the public-service hub of Australia. During Australian parliamentary sitting times, properties are leased out at very high rents when members of the public service reside in Canberra temporarily. In addition to public service, various organisations operate their businesses to support the community and local economy. Diplomats from foreign regions frequent Canberra and there is regular demand for commercial properties.

Benefits of Commercial Property Investments in Canberra

Like Brisbane, properties in Canberra are more affordable than Sydney and Melbourne. There are fewer commercial properties in Canberra, which makes some properties more exclusive for particular businesses. With the Australian Parliament close by, businesses that partner with the Australian Government prefer to operate in Canberra due to proximity. This encourages new and existing businesses to operate in Canberra and fuels the demand for commercial properties that need to be acquired, developed and financed by investors.

Key Points to Commercial Property Investment in Canberra

  1. Make sure you choose a tenant with a long-term lease.
  2. Rents are not as high as Sydney and Melbourne.
  3. Capital growth is not as strong as Sydney and Melbourne.
  4. Properties located closer to the Australian Parliament may be more attractive.
  5. Less foreign investment in Canberra means that prices are more affordable.
  6. Commercial property syndicates diversify their portfolio with property holdings in Canberra.

Canberra Property Investment Market Updates – Quick Overview

Canberra’s commercial property investment market is not as strong as Melbourne and Sydney. With a smaller population and land size, the market is relatively smaller too. However, there is still demand for such properties given the presence of many Australian Government departments. In addition to private businesses, there are many local and international organisations that have established in Canberra to partner with the Australian Government.

Commercial Property Investment & Real Estate Syndication in Canberra with Peak Equities

Commercial property investors can acquire direct property investments or indirect property investments. At Peak Equities, we specialise in commercial property syndication which allows individual investors to acquire units in a trust where the pool of funds is invested in an actively managed and diverse property portfolio. This helps investors with limited capital enter the investment market and receive reliable returns.

September 19, 2019

What is a Property Syndicate?

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