Why choose Brisbane for Commercial Property Investment?

Brisbane is a favourite tourist destination for many foreigners and locals because of the sunny and tropical weather and impressive beach activities. There are many businesses operating in Brisbane, including commercial and retail. This allows property investors to acquire property or subscribe to units in a property trust to reap favourable rental returns and capital growth. Unlike Sydney and Melbourne, Brisbane has a unique property market and properties are more affordable.

Benefits of Investing in Commercial Property in Brisbane

Here are the benefits of investing in commercial property in Brisbane:

  1. many businesses operate in Brisbane because of the strong tourism industry;
  2. commercial properties are more affordable than other states;
  3. as population increases more shopping centres, office buildings and public infrastructure are being built;
  4. an ageing population is seeing many retirees head to the north for a more picturesque and sunny retirement; and
  5. foreign investors are keen to snap up holdings in commercial property encouraging more supply.

Key Points to Commercial Property Investment in Brisbane

  • Active tourism industry offers stable retail offerings encouraging investors to secure longer-term leases.
  • Population growth encourages businesses to establish operations in Brisbane to connect better with customers.
  • Select tenants wisely because not all businesses remain successful in the short to medium term.
  • While there is surge in aged care demand, a very high capital outlay is required.
  • Brisbane has a diverse offering of commercial and retail businesses offering syndicates the opportunity to actively spread risk over various assets.
  • Proximity to the Asian market helps increase capital values due to higher foreign investment.

Brisbane Commercial Property Investment Market Updates – Quick Overview

Recently, new commercial property developments are meeting demand for office and retail space. The surge of foreign investment due to favourable monetary policy in Australia has encouraged new development financing. With new properties being developed, this encourage commercial investors to acquire property to lease to reliable tenants.

Commercial Property Investment & Real Estate Syndication in Brisbane with Peak Equities

We have a strong portfolio of properties in Brisbane with our commercial property syndicate option. We diversify our holdings to ensure that downturns in Melbourne and Sydney are softened by stable economic conditions in the north. On average, the yield of a typical commercial property syndicate is between 4-9% p.a. This rate is higher than residential property investment.

September 19, 2019

What is a Property Syndicate?

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