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Financial Returns and Security for our Clients

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Why Invest with Peak Equities

Australian Commercial Real Estate is an attractive asset class, offering strong returns. The size and management complexity of such assets however can be a barrier to entry for the majority of private investors. Commercial Property Syndicates or Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) offer participation in such investments by way of units in ‘The Trust’ which owns the asset.

High Yielding Secure Investments

With our team of property syndication experts, every commercial real estate and commercial property investment is investigated in detail prior to purchase to ensure the greatest opportunity for capital growth and wealth creation for our Sophisticated Investor clientele. Peak Equities’ Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) have traditionally delivered income in excess of 8% p.a. (paid monthly) and upwards of 12% Return on Investment (ROI) once capital growth is considered. Peak Equities’ stable monthly income streams provide investors with reliable, recurring income for ease of financial planning and peace of mind.

Our Portfolio

Our results speak for themselves. Look at our portfolio to see how we deliver significant returns for our investors.

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A Successful Track Record & Positive Investor Feedback

With an impressive track record and extensive experience in commercial real estate investing and asset management, Peak Equities focuses on wealth creation and security for clients by sourcing high yielding, secure investments with sound growth potential. From the time of acquisition and throughout the investment term, Peak engages closely with investors to ensure that individual needs and expectations are satisfied.

Australia’s trusted commercial real estate syndication company with a proven track record.

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Peak Professionals

Our team of property and financial professionals provide extensive industry experience and proven results.

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What you get in a Property Syndicate:


Hear from our investors to learn more about the benefits and security from investing with Peak Equities.

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September 19, 2019

What is a Property Syndicate?

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